Data Science Training

Data Science Center LST FMIPA UI

Data science Center LST FMIPA UI (DSC) has various training for data science. Here, we offer our Python Training program to your company to develop and strengthen the human resources skills in data science.

Currently, we have two series of Python Training. First, the series with code PT1XX. These series aim to train your employees to understand and applying the life cycle of data science using Python. Next, the series with code PT2XX. These series teach your employees to implement the Machine Learning/Deep Learning concepts for specific fields using Python. We have two training in PT2XX, but we will add more. Please visit our website regularly to see updates in this series (

You can follow the sequence of our training from PT101 to PT110 consecutively, or you can choose randomly, which are suitable for your company. PT201 and PT202 have prerequisites knowledge and skills from the PT1XX series, although you can freely decide if you think that the prerequisites are not necessary.

Why is the training in series?

You might ask a question like that, right! Because data science is a science, it consists of four main sciences, such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, and science in domain expertise. In this training, we eager to gain knowledge and skills in data science comprehensively in those areas of sciences when delivering the materials to your employees.

This is our syllabus for training :